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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learn About the Rejuvenizer

For over 20 years, Rejuvenizers have been powerful protective and healing devices designed to heal, normalize, protect, and repair your physical and subtle bodies from the harmful effects of electromagnetic energy in our high tech world.

We invite you to watch a video that explains how they work, and includes some real-life examples from people who have benefited from them.

Take $10 off the purchase of a Rejuvenizer now through July 23, 2009 with coupon code P721 during checkout!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Learn About the Power of Chi

Chi can be a somewhat confusing and hard-to-understand topic, but a new book by Master Waysun Liao, a Chi Master for over 40 years, helps make the topic easier to grasp.

Chi - Discovering Your Life Energy has just been published, and is available now!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Healthcare Debate

The national conversation about healthcare is getting louder and louder with each passing day. The debate over health insurance is not confined to the congress and the president. It has spilled over to the media as never before. Recent special issues of Newsweek and Time magazines have a minefield of information that everyone can use. Here are some of the highlights that affect all of us:

  • Diet, exercise and relaxation strategies can alter hypertension, heart problems, and diabetes.

  • More than luck is involved in who stays healthy and who doesn’t.

  • We can and we must take more control over our physical and mental destiny.

  • It is very possible to decrease obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes or multiple sclerosis and, ultimately, prevent a major health issue.

  • The United States boasts the best medicine in the world, yet fully 75% of our healthcare costs are attributable to chronic, preventable diseases.

  • The key is prevention … getting involved before you get sick … while gaining acceptability, still has a long way to go. The system in the U.S. seems to reward pills and procedures, treating mostly sick people. This creates a sickness mentality in medical practices, rather than a health focus. Without this basic change in all of us, all the money in the world “thrown” to our current healthcare system will just perpetuate the rather mediocre state of health of our population.

    We, at Tools For Wellness, use for our byline:

    Live Smarter - Take Control of Your Health.

    You should too!
  • Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Initiate Life Transforming Changes with Paraliminals

    Is it time to tackle procrastination, enhance your personal magnetism, sharpen your memory or focus on wealth accumulation and prosperity? Paraliminal CDs offer an easy, effective and enjoyable way to make those life changes you’ve been thinking about. These recordings offer a wide range of subjects and utilize highly effective specialized technology. Paraliminal programs incorporate words, music, and embedded HoloSync audio tones which guide you to the ideal brain state for relaxation and learning.

    As you relax into your Paraliminal session you will hear two separate stories, one in each ear spoken at the same time. You may find yourself focusing on the information in one ear or the other, yet at times attention will shift back and forth. It is beyond the conscious mind’s ability to process both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments and consequently the conscious mind’s experience of the CD is different with each listening session. The para conscious, however, receives the entire message each time.

    “Para” and “liminal” refer to the brain state beyond the threshold of consciousness, whereas “subliminal” means below the threshold and refers to information that cannot be consciously perceived. “Subliminal” recordings hide positive statements or affirmations in music or environmental sounds. Paraliminal is not subliminal, there are no subliminal or questionable messages used. Most Paraliminal recordings do not require repetitive or extended listening programs as do subliminal recordings.

    Results using the Paraliminal CDs may be dramatic or subtle. The many titles in the program complement each other and work well together.

    Features of Paraliminal CDs:

  • Easy, effective and enjoyable.
  • Paraliminal technology utilizing HoloSync audio tones.
  • No subliminal or questionable messages used.
  • All CDs in the program complement each other and work together effectively.
  • Selection of over 20 titles.